Becky Kevoian

Becky is a happy homemaker and part-time professional studio singer and voice-over artist.  She is the fifth of six children, raised in a small Midwestern town, and now lives in the big city!  She and her husband Bob have three sons between them, although the boys are all grown up and have flown the nest.

She started singing as a little girl and played clarinet in both high school and college.  When she put on her first pair of headphones to sing in a recording studio, Becky knew it was something she would work passionately to do as her career.

Becky enjoys spending time on the family compound, called Naughty Pines, and her local family has expanded to include two of her sisters and one of her brothers!  It’s a busy place and she is a busy FUN GIRL.


One of Becky’s favorite activities is bossing people around, and she does it even though nobody ever listens.  She also likes to sing and sometimes dance at inappropriate times.  She is also a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show, and named the group The Fun Girls after Daphne and Skippy from Mt. Pilot.

Singing with Cozette and Teresa for almost 20 years has brought her great joy over the years.  THE FUN GIRLS record is a project that has been a dream for almost as long as the girls have known each other, and making that dream a reality has been both a challenge and a delight.

Favorite quote:  “She can turn the world on with her smile….!” (Mary Tyler Moore, anyone?)


Cozette Myers

Cozette was born into a preacher’s home as an “oops” child to a family with three teenagers.  When she was small, her  mom and dad heard her sing “Mockin’ Bird Hill” to her sister’s piano accompaniment, and she was strongly encouraged to perform in church, singing and playing the piano and the organ.  She eventually majored in music at college.

Cozette feels abundantly blessed with all the experiences of her musical career:
– she has been lead singer in several bands from her college years to the present, including one for 30 years
– she has traveled as part of a group or a back-up singer on gospel tours for over 3 decades
– she has sung on thousands of records, CDs and jingles for nearly 40 years
– she has consequently traveled to every state many times over and still loves traveling whenever she can.

Though Cozette also got her Masters in Counseling and practices professionally, she is thrilled to still be singing, especially with two special friends, as the Fun Girls.  Husband Gary is also a professional musician and travel lover.  With their four children and all relatives living out of state, they are always ready to plan the next trip. I am Cozette and I approve this message!

Teresa Kelly

Teresa Giles Kelly was born in Lebanon Indiana and began her path as a vocalist early in high school.   She began singing in the Chorus and often took weekend requests to sing at local weddings and church functions.

Upon graduation, she began to tour with the youth group ‘LIFE’. The group performed throughout the Midwest, primarily at State and County fairs as well as at corporate conventions.  Common with the era, the group hit the stage complete with guitars, drums, horns and costumes only slightly less flamboyant than Sly and the Family Stone.

Teresa tired of the road tour after a year and a half.  She began singing with a couple of local Indianapolis bands before her back-up studio vocals caught the attention of members of the Flip Miller Band.  Shortly thereafter, she became their lead female vocalist and put chicken wire and dodging beer cans behind her.  Ha!

Teresa’s career with the band continued for 20 years where they played formal country club events, corporate fund-raisers and elegant weddings.

Today Teresa’s vocals can be heard on both radio and television for such clients as the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, St. Vincent Heart Hospital, the Indiana State Lottery and IBEW’s “I Am Indianapolis” campaign.  She will invite you each evening to stay tuned to TV Channel 4 to view your favorite sitcoms and color it with local Indiana flavor.  Teresa has been a frequent back-up singer for an Indianapolis based syndicated morning radio show and appears on a number of their CDs.

Her recorded ‘voice-overs’ have helped numerous clients instruct or inform their employees or customers.  Those clients have included Roche Diagnostics and Microsoft Office Small Business Management.  At the other end of the spectrum, she has entertained as voices on a number of video games so may be partially to blame for your child’s obsession with those irritating little Gameboys.

Teresa achieved a life long dream in 2005 by recording her own CD.  “Guilty Pleasures” (written by Indianapolis area’s Pat Hurley) became a reality through the efforts of many of the wonderful musicians that Teresa has sang with over the years.  Teresa is most grateful to the other two ‘Fun Girls’ who sang back up for her on her CD.

As the proud mother of daughter Jordin, Teresa has been blessed with two wonderful grandsons, Isaiah and Jadin.  With husband Tom, she shares a country home outside Danville with six loving pets.  Nettie, Walter, Kit-Kat and three seriously mischievous garage cats, Pharaoh, Tut and Coalie bring them a positive mix of joy and irritation.