Michael Clark

Michael has worked with dozens of bands and performers. He is an accomplished guitar player and has great musical taste. Michael spent many hours with Bob and Becky listening to tunes and choosing the selection of songs for “Seduced”. He has great producing chops and has contributed an incredible artistry to this recording. View Full Bio

Audio Engineer/Producer
Alan Johnson

Bob, Becky, and Michael have all worked with Alan in his studio for many, many years. Alan has an incredible musical sense and his ears are second to none. Michael, Alan and Becky have one very important non-musical interest in common…The Andy Griffith Show. Between the three of them, there is no trivia too small and they tease each other with phrases from the show all the time.

Steve Allee

Steve is the musical director of The Bob & Tom Show Band and has worked with all three of The Fun Girls, individually and as a trio, for several years. His arrangements are amazing and bring a fantastic level of energy to the songs. View Full Bio


Greg Gilpin is a dear friend of all three girls, and is a busy choral arranger and singer. He is so gifted at bringing out the very best performance from the girls. Greg has the gift of encouragement, helping us connect emotionally to the songs and bringing smiles to our faces throughout the process!

Executive Producer
Bob Kevoian is the co-host of the nationally syndicated morning radio show, The Bob & Tom Show. He also happens to be Becky’s husband and biggest fan! He took the idea of this trio record to new heights and pushed hard for the girls to finally get to work!